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Use the links below to download and complete our forms in Adobe PDF format.

download the enrollment form

Option 1: When the form opens, print it out, complete the form by hand and fax or bring it to The Crate Escape. Our Naperville fax number is 630-579-1226.

Option 2: if you would like to complete our forms on your computer, save a copy, for example, to your Desktop. Once you complete the form, save it and email or print and fax it to The Crate Escape.

You must be using the Adobe Reader version 10 or higher.
To save and complete the form on your PC, cursor over the bottom of the form's page, select the Disc icon on the left to save a copy your computer, for example to the Desktop.
Then open your saved copy. Click SIGN, then ADD TEXT.
Move your cursor to where you want o add text. When the form is complete, click DONE SIGNING and CONFIRM or just SAVE. You may be prompted to save a copy. Do so, you may FILE and ATTACH TO EMAIL or SEND FILE to send it to us at

If you have difficulty downloading or are unable to download files, click here to request that a form be sent to you by email.

download overnight check-in form

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the crate escape inc.
500 industrial drive, suite 559

naperville, illinois 60563  
- fax 630-579-1226

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