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The Crate Escape - House Rules & Procedures
Each guest will receive a full day of play and fun in our daycare facility, and will then be tucked into a private suite for a night of well-deserved rest and relaxation.
Our overnight accommodations include:

• 3' x 5' suites (or larger) to allow for normal postural movement
• Accommodations for multiple dog families
• Complete climate control and ventilation for our guests’ comfort
• Soothing music specifically designed for resting canines
• Bedtime treats
• Safe and immaculately clean

Safety and security features include:
• Video surveillance system
• Professionally monitored security and fire alarm system

House Rules and Procedures
1. All overnight guests must fulfill the posted requirements for our daycare program. If you would like to consider The Crate Escape, Inc., and your dog is not a regular daycare client but is well-socialized and non-aggressive, please complete the Enrollment Package and call us for an assessment appointment. This procedure must be completed prior to the overnight date. Multiple daycare visits may be required prior to the boarding date(s). Click on the link on the bottom of this page to download an Enrollment Package form in PDF format.

2. All overnight guests must bring their own food. This avoids stomach upset and maintains the dog’s normal routine. Please bring enough food for the entire stay clearly labeled with the dog’s name and feeding instructions.

3. Oral medications will be administered free of charge if they are provided in the original container with dosing instructions from the veterinarian.

4. Guests may bring favorite toys and a blanket to keep in their suite as long as there is no choking hazard. Please, no squeakies or rawhide.

5. The Crate Escape reserves the right to refuse overnight accommodations to obsessive barkers, destructive or stressed dogs. This ensures guests will be content and able to rest during their stay.

6. Check-ins Monday - Friday are between 7 - 9:30 am. Check-ins on Saturday and Sunday are at 8am.

7. Check-outs Monday - Friday by 9:30am - no charge incurred. Regular daycare rates apply after 9:30am. Check-outs on Saturday and Sunday are 8am or 6pm.

8. No Check-Ins or Check-Outs on major holidays.

9. An Overnight Check-In Form must be completed for each boarding stay. Download a copy below.

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The Crate Escape Inc. Naperville Facility

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