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June 25, 2011

Ruby Busch
October 4, 2004 – June 25, 2011

When I think of my sweet girl Ruby, the following words come to mind.
Tough Girl, Brave, Loyal, Loving, Funny, Stubborn, Curious, Smart, Protective, Friendly, A tease, My shadow and a Lover of Fetching….My Guardian Angel
Sue Busch.

April 10, 2010

Tucker Lake Casino

April 8, 2000 to January 26, 2010

Simply put, he was one of the best dogs that ever graced this world. He had a bigger heart and happier soul than his body could hold, and he never hesitated to show love, big give-it-all-you’ve got love! He made any person or dog he met more happy, comforted, playful, content, and adored – if they knew him for a day or a lifetime.

Most of all, even through almost a lifetime of surgeries and orthopedic road blocks, he showered his entire family with unfailing strength and love, every minute of every day. Regardless of what his body was going through, he always had a gleeful whining, wiggling greeting with a towel in his mouth when we came through the door. He would roll around and play and smile at the smallest opportunity. He would lie on the floor and cuddle with his soft silky fur for any of us who needed him. He was our Soft Angel and we will never stop missing him. We will remember Tucker every day, honor his life, and always try to live the way he would want us to, with courage and an open heart.

 The Casino Family

Leigh, Jack, Kyle, Matt, Sage and Augie – Breck and Tucker too


 August 3, 2009


In loving memory of Columbo P.I.

January 20, 1994 – August 3, 2009


Columbo P.I. was aptly named because he was a dog detective, super snoop, and outsmarted everyone he was around by using his comical character and personality. He was a very special dog that behaved as a human.
My late mother appropriately stated “I know there is a little man inside that furry suit, we just have to find the zipper”.
He had a gentle and kind spirit, was playful, and loved life to its fullest each and every day. He had a special bond with me, and we always could read each other’s minds. We still have that bond even though he is no longer by my side.
When the breeze brushes the trees, the moon shines, and the sun glows; Columbo P.I. is sending me a message that he is happy, running, and playing eternally.
I will see him once again in future years when I cross the “Rainbow Bridge”.

 Love Always, Mom



Breck Casino

Also known as: What A Good Dog!
October 18, 1997 – May 14, 2009





In Loving Memory of

 2/17/02 – 10/15/07

 Lessons you taught to all of your human and canine friends:
Proclaim your joy
Share your happiness
Be curious, discover new adventures
Trot, don’t walk
Obstacles are fun – jump over or through them
Love deeply
Don’t be afraid to form cherished friendships
Volunteer, share your gifts with those less fortunate
Be content and enjoy the little treats that every day brings




In Loving Memory of
Danny Boy

6/98 - 4/18/07   
Your gentle nature and courage will forever be remembered. We will miss you.




Dedicated to Daisy Bull

Daisy Bull
4/22/99 to 1/2/07
In Loving Memory
We will always hold you dear in our hearts and, along with your many friends, will miss you very much.




Here are some things I will always remember about Daisy;
I remember her bolting through the front door and almost knocking a lady over because she was so happy to get here. I remember how she loved food and even the littlest bit was fun. I remember Emily telling us about the great sleep-overs they had with their friends in tents in the yard and how Daisy was everyone’s favorite. Daisy is our guardian angel now looking down from Heaven and another shining star up in the sky. I will miss her very much.
From Kyle






Dedicated to Jax


Memorial For Jax
September 9, 2003 to April 22, 2004

Jax, My Sweet Baby Boy,

Life has its' own reason for why things happen. I will never know the reason why our time together was so short, but I will always remember the joy you brought me, our family, and so many others.

Give Kaiser my love and watch over each other. Get him a cheeseburger. It will get you on his good side.

I'll see you again on the other side, my little Jax Man. I love you.

Karen Flaska & Family 4/04


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