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05/23/2023 Google 5 star review

I Cannot say enough Great things about this daycare! My puppy absolutely loves coming and is in love with the staff! They take such good care of her and send the cutest videos of her playing with her friends! Renee and her team are so kind, flexible, and responsive! I would highly recommend this daycare to everyone!!!!
Morgan P.


05/17/2023 Google 5 star review

Christine A.


04/23/2023 Google 5 star review

Amelia B

Renee, I really appreciate your time and wisdom this morning. You were so kind and patient, and obviously care about the dogs who come to you. You satisfied my question about Sugar: she’s a great dog who is happiest with people who pay her attention (and not necessarily other dogs).
I will freely recommend you and your business and hope it remains successful and satisfying.
Thank you so much—
Virginia M.


Google 5 star review

Our Millie absolutely LOVES going to daycare here. The staff is wonderful and makes sure the dogs play all day and are attended to. They do have the option to nap un-crated which is g, of course our pup doesn’t ever slow down so she’s nice and tired coming home. So happy we found this place and will keep coming back!

Katie L.




Thank you so much for taking such good care of our Maizey. Your Crate Escape has been a godsend for us!

Maizey needs that social interaction. It's so cute to see her get so excited when we tell her she going to the Crate Escape. She literally tries to jump out of the car and she is restrained!!

Thank you for providing a safe place for Maizey to play and chew bones. Thank you again for the nylabone~she loves!

N M & Maizey (From a thank you card)


Fantastic facility. Renee and her team really know how to take care of your pet. Half day, full day or overnight boarding options are available. Our dog had a great time and is looking forward to the next time he will be dropped off.

Wiktor M.

Renee - I wanted to send you a quick note to express our thanks to you because I was unable to do it yesterday in person. When Ginger began coming to the Crate Escape in 2015, we were not sure how she would do. She had a really tough start in life and could be quite timid. You were a genius to put her in her playgroup - this big hound with all these little dogs. I was a perfect setting for her to thrive, and she made wonderful friends, like Bella and Powder.

I knew deep down that when she "graduated" to a different group upon her return to daycare, it was not going to work, but I was little hopeful that she would get over the fear I saw in that video that you sent and make a new friend. Unfortunately, it was not to be. That, however, does not erase all the good times she had pre-COVID. We still have all the photos and videos that you shared over the years, and we treasure them.
Thanks to you and your staff for all the love and care that you showered over Ginger over the many years.
All the best!


Google 5 star review
Both my parents and myself use The Crate escape for our dogs. My dogs absolutely love going to school to see their friends. Renee and her team has been absolutely fantastic and a lifesaver for me. I know when they are at school, they are having so much fun and they come home tired.
Lauren M.

Google 5 star review
I boarded both of my Golden Retrievers at Crate Escape for 12 days. They were referred to me by staff at my vet office. Renee and her staff were wonderful. They shared videos with me and updated how my dogs were doing. It was great that while my dogs were boarded they also had doggy daycare. I would highly recommend using Crate Escape for boarding and daycare!

Lisa H.


Google 5 star review
Great team of caring folks who always take care of our pup. He comes home exhausted every time he's there!

Ravi R.


Google 5 star review

Love Renee and the whole crew at The Crate Escape! Our pup loves going to socialize occasionally at doggie daycare. They are very loving to all the pups, and have been super flexible with boarding changes during the pandemic.
Jennifer M.


Google 5 star review
My puppy LOVES the Crate Escape. He runs in every morning ready to play and I have to cajole him into the car to go home at night. The staff is very pleasant and love the dogs Well worth it for me to know that he is having fun while I can't be at home.
Michelle S.

Google 5 star review
They take great care of my dog .

Kathleen W.


Google 5 star review

Pamela L.

Thank you and everyone on the Crate Escape team for taking such good care of Mae and Gracie EVERYTIME they come for a staycation.
This past week we are particularly grateful because of Mae’s special needs related to her eye drops and need to have careful, protective play time. We went for a f/u visit with the vet yesterday afternoon, and I’m pleased to share that they believe the ulcer has healed entirely. That could only have occurred with your strongly continuing the required eye drop treatments and ensuring she was safe. It was big change in the week that she was with you, and we are grateful.
Please pass on our appreciation to all.
Mary, Doug, Mae, and Gracie B.


Thank you so much for the extra special care you provided for Sam. You and your team the BEST. Your passion & professionalism and love of dogs are beyond excellent.
Connie W.



Google My Business Review The Crate Escape - Naperville

Google 5 star review
I worked here for a few summers when I was back from school and I just want to say that Renee and her staff here are amazing. This is a great place for dogs to come play and have a safe and fun experience!
Ali S.


Renee – Thank you for always being flexible and accommodating my random schedule over the last three years. 
I greatly appreciate knowing that he is well taken care of which allows me to focus on the task at hand. 
I have been through two major orthopedic surgeries, four job changes, and a bunch of Physical Therapy over the past three years.  Having the support and flexibility from the Crate Escape has greatly reduced the amount of stress I encountered while trying to balance everything in my life. 
Herky greatly appreciates having “day care” (which he now recognizes when I say it aloud) when my schedule gets busy.
I hope Herky and his friends enjoy the puppy kisses!
Thank you!
Jason M (By Email)

I just want to say - that you are amazing Renee!!!
Watching u jump down to the ground to hug the pup who isn’t suppose to be jumping up just melted my heart!! You are the absolute BEST!!!!!
Message from L.M.


Google My Business Review The Crate Escape

Google 5 star review
My dog Meatball can't wait for his Fridays with friends and staff!
Bill Y.


Google My Business Review The Crate Escape

Google 5 star review
Great place great people!
Matt O.

Google My Business Review The Crate Escape II, LLC
Google 5 star review
My German Shepherd puppy loved this place. We went for the half day assessment. He did awesome with the staff and other dogs. Burned off a lot of energy, which helped to keep him more calm for a couple of days afterwards. It also helps him learn good doggy social skills. We will definitely be back a few days a week.
Phil W.



Google My Business Review The Crate Escape, Inc. Naperville
Google 5 star review

Fantastic dog day care / boarding facility. Every single staff member here and the adjoining Pet supply store are magnificent. We have taken our pup there twice a week for all day daycare for 5 years. He has become even more balanced and social with the exemplary care he gets. Love this place!!!

Randy R.



Google My Business Review The Crate Escape, Inc. Naperville
Google 5 star review

Great people, very nice!

Derek J.



Google My Business Review The Crate Escape, Inc. Naperville
Google 5 star review
My girl gets so excited when she realizes where we are. We get to see cute videos & pictures of her on the instagram account, which is so fun. We had a horrible experience with another local daycare. This place couldn’t be more different. The staff is always nice & very accommodating. I definitely would recommend it.

Hope R.


Google 5 star review

Google 5 star review

Best Doggie Day Care - Period! Between the owner literally texting us pics and videos of our pup Leonidas having the best time ever with all his friends and how sad he is to leave I'm convinced he has more fun there than at home! Easy drop off, quick pick up and a staff that really cares about the animals! Thank you for taking such great care of our buddy!!

Michael H.

Google 5 star review
We boarded our 3 yr old Golden Doodle, Murphy, this week while in Plainfield visiting family and couldn't be happier with our Crate Escape experience ❣️❣️ Especially Brittney, who kept us updated, knowing it was our first experience at their kennel. The facility was well managed, extremely clean and we couldn't have been more pleased with the experience. We will certainly be back.
Nancy J.


Google 5 star review
The staff is incredible! My boxer loves coming twice a week.

Amanda N.

02/11/2018 Google 5 star review
We have been bringing Hugo to the Plainfield location for several years now. Scott and all the caregivers are incredible! They take excellent care of the dogs, let them play, sleep, and play games. Their boarding is excellent as well!

Google 5 star review

Google 5 star review they are the best (From Google My Business)


11/07/2017 Google 5 star review
I trust the people who care for my best friend. Outstanding for daycare and boarding. Excellent staff.



Google 5 star review (without comment)

10/29/2017 Google 5 star review
"Staff is caring and knowledgeable. Prices are fair."

Joe G.


Dear Renee & Staff,
Thank you so much for everything you have done for Archie and our family during our unexpectedly long transition time to our new home! Archie needed the love, support, and stability during this time and you all provided that and MORE! If you wouldn’t have made such a kind and generous offer, we’re not sure if Archie would still be with us today. We are so incredibly grateful to you all. You are Archie’s second family and we are completely at ease knowing that, when he is staying with you. Thank you again for everything!
Carlye, Jon, Sophia, and Olivia

-attached photo of the whole family sitting on our new front porch

Everyone that I've met here is awesome. Marco loves it, he comes home happy and tired every day. Reasonable prices for full day care, considering a walker is going to charge you $17 for 30 minutes. Great job Scott and team!

M.M. Posted on Google My Business Review: 4 Stars


Dear Renee & Staff,
Thank you so much for taking such great care of Gracie while Jake and I were away. Every time she comes home from the Crate Escape she's always so pooped from having so much fun! It's so nice to not have to worry about Gracie when we're out of town knowing that she is with such loving and wonderful people! You all are so great at what you do at the Crate Escape!! Thanks again for everything!

Ashley, Jake & Gracie


Great place! So friendly!
J.C. From Google-My-Business Review 5: Stars

We have been bringing our Jonah to Plainfield Crate Escape for a couple years. Scott and the caregivers are incredible. Sensitive, loving, caring, and in touch with each individual dog's personality.
Please thank everyone for the professional, loving care of Jonah. I hear time after time of pickups from Daycares with drama stories. One would never know Jonah had been to a daycare for 4 overnights. Your system and caregivers are a textbook example of the way it should be. Thank you.

Betty S.

From Google-My-Business Review 5 Stars

Great place. Staff is awesome and experienced.

From Google-My-Business Review 5 Stars
My pup loves it here and I love that they seem to pay attention and give you updates on how your dog is developing. They separate dogs into playgroups based on size and temperament so I know my pup isn't getting too overwhelmed. The people here are super nice too. My only wish would be that they stayed open a little later. Great pricing for those that use the service 2x or more per week and definitely competitive rates for a single day.



Thank you so much for all you and your staff have done during this time of transition in our family. It was nice for all of us to have the support and stability in that area of our lives. If you wouldn't have made such a generous offer, I'm not sure if Carter would still be a part of our family.
We are so grateful. I know that you have said TCE is a second home for Carter. But I honestly think he believes it is his first home and we get to love him the times he isn't there. I see him as his true self when he is there. Thank you for creating such a great place for him.
See you Friday.

The Crate Escape seems like a dog park only every dog has to go through a test before they are accepted. This means, as far as I can tell, your dog won't have to put up with someone's badly behaved dog that some clueless owner thinks is "cute" when it's biting your dog or being territorial. My dog was kept separate upon first meeting the other dogs and behavior was observed. We were given updates mid-day on how it was going. We did a second day where our dog pulled through the gate without as much as backward glance in his hurry to play with the other dogs. I was told he played non-stop and came home quiet and tired. We also boarded for 3 days while we were on vacation. That seemed to go well, though our dog didn't eat much but I was told that is normal. He got to play with other dogs all day and stay in a kennel, not a crate (hence the company name, get it?). The only minor downside comment I have is there seems to be no way to notify the staff you came in if they don't hear the door chime, which is often the case because the dogs can be very loud. Otherwise I am glad we have a place we can have the dog stay and play for days we're gone, or busy, or like this summer, when it's way too hot out to do anything.
A.K. (From Google + 5 Stars)


Employees genuinely love the dogs!👍🏽👍🏽
T.S. (From Google + 5 Stars)


I also have been meaning to tell you...
I was out with Lou the other day. We met another dog, who was nice enough at first and then started to become a bit of a bully.
As I was talking with the owner (before we were on our way because his dog was a jerk 😜) turns out he used to go to TCE but was "asked not to come back". I just wanted to thank you for being so selective of your clients. I know that must be super hard sometimes, but I'm really glad, for the sake of the dogs that are there, that you pay attention to the personalities of the dogs you allow to play.
And Lou thanks you too!
Have a great weekend, and thanks again for everything!



01/15/2017 Google Review 5 Stars
I have been so grateful for the service I received from the Crate Escape owner, Renee. She helped me handle a family emergency by taking my dogs at the last minute (thank goodness they had room). She eases my concerns with photos and pictures of my puppies. No one likes to have board their dogs but Crate Escape has made it a very positive experience. And when I pick up the dogs they don't seem the least bit stressed. I'm so happy to have found them!


These people really know how to run a dog daycare! They are amazing!! You feel like they developed a bond with your dog because dogs just love going here to spend a day to play. Trust me you won't be disappointed!!
Matt G. (From Google +)


Our babies stayed at the Crate Escape for the first time for an entire week. I was very nervous about it. Renee was wonderful as was her staff. She sent pictures and videos throughout the week. There is no faking a wagging tail:) We have boarded our dogs at other places but this is the first time they came home without any anxiety issues. The fact that they are not in cages but hanging with their friends makes a huge difference. Renee...Thank you!!
MAE (From Google +)


The crate escape is a wonderful facility which provides your dogs perfect day out or even a very comfrotable stay if you have to leave town and your pets at home. all of the employees there are very passionate and take pride in carrying for the dogs. All of the dogs get alot of love and attention and its a very positive experience over all. They are all very passionate about their work.
Matt W (From Google +)


Bentley LOVES Doggie Day Care at The Crate Escape! All I have to say is "Do you want to go to Doggie Day Care and Bentley starts dancing. He is a 3 year old large mix with a lot of energy. The owner and staff are FABULOUS. He has been going to The Crate Escape for more than a year.

Gayle L. (From Google +)


Ditto to what Tony said. He loves it at Crate Escape and bolts to the door to get into place when I open the car door. Our nick name for our dog is "crack puppy" but after a day here, he is dead asleep before we leave the parking lot.

John L. (From Google +)


The highest compliment I can give The Crate Escape is to say when my dog returns home to me he is happy, clean, healthy, calm, and tired! He clearly plays with his friends all day long, and is better socialized for it. I am so happy with your services, and am telling all my friends about your place. To go away on vacation, and KNOW your fur baby is well taken care of is priceless. THANK YOU.

You never know how good you have something until it is (or you are) gone…
Our family just moved from Naperville to Washington DC 2 weeks ago. I had been sending my Shiba Inu, Haiku, to The Crate Escape since he was a puppy almost 4 years ago. I am so thankful that I found TCE when Haiku was just a puppy. Renee and her wonderful staff always treated Haiku with such love and respect. When I think back on how I had to leave him for weeks when I traveled, I couldn’t have been more blessed to leave him in an environment where he was so well cared. I remember many times when I woke Ku in the morning to take him to TCE. I would ask him, “Do you want to go play with doggies?”, and his ears would immediately perk up, he would jump out of his bed and run to the door. He so misses his TCE friends already!!!
Thank you Renee, Max, Lori, Stephanie and all the amazing people at TCE!!! There’s no place like home and for Haiku, his second one was TCE. We miss you all so much!!
Vicki P. and Haiku

Just wanted to take a minute to tell you how much we appreciate you and the phenomenal business you run. Millie came home and she has been so calm and has been behaving like her life hasn't skipped a beat. You and your staff are truly incredible at what you do and Millie (and especially me) are so grateful for you. We love you more than you will ever know!
Sent from my iPhone

Thanks for the New Year’s wishes and same to you and your family.
Pam and I had a great time in Texas with family and can see that our little Elwood definitely enjoyed himself with his Crate Escape friends. It’s good to see that he is able to play with the bigger dogs and it looks like he might have found a cute little girlfriend. Ha. As always, he seemed so relaxed and happy upon his return home.
Thanks for the pics and the excellent service that you and your team provide.
See you soon,
Del, Pam and Elwood

Wanted to thank all the caregivers at your Plainfield location for taking such good care of our Gracie. She had a great time obviously for a couple of days when we boarded her. She’s been going a couple of times during the week for the daily doggy daycare, but this was the first time she spent a couple of nights. We were interested to see how she would respond to returning for her daily visits and she, like always, couldn’t wait to get in there to play with her friends. It was a very good sign. Scott and his staff are excellent at what they do. Thanks again!!!!

We have a fully exhausted, and very satisfied pup after a full day of play…thank you Crate Escape Family!

We are so fortunate to have this nice facility nearby.  Gracie has loved being there, and it’s been great for her socialization skills.   Whenever I come in the door, I never hear a bunch of craziness going on, which means everyone involved must be calm and relaxed.   This atmosphere is very healthy and good for all our 4 legged friends.

Jake was beyond happy today. He didn't wipe the smile off his face until around 7:30pm. He might not play a lot (or not even play at all- LOL) but he sure loves the company of the dogs and his favorite people for the day. It's like going home for him :).
He was also very cute on the ride home because he kept his head up listening intently to the radio as though he knew everything being said.
See you soon.

Good morning Renee,
I just wanted to thank you again for your sponsorship I truly appreciate your support of A.D.O.P.T. I also wanted to thank you for all that you do to help with the socialization of our shelter dogs. The opportunity you provide these dogs by allowing them to participate in day care and socialize with other dogs and people is so important. It provides them with a nice break from the shelter and also gives us much needed information based on your feedback to place them in the best possible homes. I am grateful and I know the dogs are too for your kindness and generosity.
Chris Stirn
Executive Director - A.D.O.P.T. Pet Shelter

Renee and her skilled team are TERRIFIC!!!!!!!!!!
The location in Naperville is almost as fantastic as their services and expertise.
I have a barking/jumpy teenager rescue dog, who needs a little extra attention. They lovingly work with her and tell me any news or progress with our Summer.
The positive experiences are huge:
- tons of off-leash socialization
- Summer gets to learn from OTHER DOGS (very important)
- the skills and deep background of the team help me learn more about our dog and how well she is doing
FORGET about these silly negative comments.
- ALL day care facilities have crates that dogs use in addition to the open play space
- ALL facilities raise their voice on occasion to get the attention of the dogs
- I appreciate Renee's upbeat energy and straight forward approach and she has never, ever been rude (or even something close) to me
THANK YOU CRATE ESCAPE for all you do for our Summer!
Laurie G.
Naperville (From Yelp)

Hi Renee!
Today's Austin's birthday (8 doggie years) so I brought him to his favorite place on earth. Nothing makes him happier than playing with his friends. Thanks.


Renee - I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to post pictures
of the dogs while they are there. It is so fun, and actually very
comforting, to see Carter and the other dogs enjoying themselves. I know you
have a lot of other work you do, so I wanted you to know that I appreciate
the extra effort it takes to coordinate that.
Have a great week,

I also wanted you to know how happy we have been with our experience at
Crate Escape. Everything is handled very professionally, yet very
personably. Carter is happy to come see you, and very content when he comes
home. After his day there, he is the puppy we hoped we would have. Thanks
for letting him be his naturally playful self in a safe environment.

As I mentioned to you, your staff in Plainfield is terrific!  They are kind, loving towards the dogs, and polite and attentive to the dog owners.  Bella fits in nicely from what they tell me and that makes me comfortable leaving her for the day. 
I work full time and the three days she is with your staff are so good for her from an exercise and socialization standpoint.  She has been happy each day when I pick her up and the staff always give me an update about her day. 
Thanks so much for the great customer service you and your team provide and the loving care they show the animals.

Thank you for the picture of Ella and the frame!  What a great surprise!  We loved it!
We really admire you and your business!  We have had such a great experience each and every time!  The Crate Escape is so well run and all of your staff members make us feel welcome every visit.
Thanks so much!


You guys are awesome!


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the love and compassion that you show to Tucker each and every time we drop him off at CE Plainfield. Your staff is simply amazing. Their love for Tucker, and friendliness to both me and my wife, is beyond compare. It truly helps us start our day, and Tucker's, off on the right foot. Please continue the excellent work that you do! You are a God send. Thanks so much! Mr. & Mrs. L


My dog, Marlee, LOVES Crate Escape and I thank you so much for treating her so wonderfully while my husband and I are at work. You are all angels



Hello Renee,
I really, really want to thank you and the Crate Escape staff for helping me
out last week while I continue to try and heal my right foot. TCE goes well
beyond just caring for my fur baby, you care about the parents too. :D
Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for the "extra" support with
Mulligan last week.


Dear Renee,
Thanks to you and your wonderful staff for taking such good care of my little Haiku all year. You know he considers it his "home away from home." Have a wonderful holiday.


There is no way that we can express our gratitude for the care and love that you show Libby every time that she is with you.
Now that our children are grown, Libby is our "baby" and we can't think of anyone else that we would trust with her care.
The Crate Escape is truly a gem. Thank you to everyone for making a part of your family.
Merry Christmas!

D, J & Libby


Renee and Staff,

We wanted to thank you for all of your care of Nya these past several months. We're especially appreciative of how accommodating you've been when we had to make last minute changes. You truly treat our dog like one of the family.

Sincerely, K & M


Renee, et al,
Thank you for the stunning picture of Junior. You caught his essence of sweetness, curiosity and love. I will
treasure it forever.
Thanks also for helping Junior to be "social." The worked that The Crate Escape staff did and is doing with him has helped to shape him into the exceptional companion & AAT dog he is. I will remain forever grateful. Special kudos to Scott, Erin, Nick and many others whose names I cannot remember. You are amazing.
Best regards,



Thank you for the picture frame and wonderful picture of my pack. Not sure how you got Shakes to stand still long enough for the picture. It has been a good relationship having my dogs at Crate Escape.
You have been supportive and kind – and got me through my loss of Tinkerbell. I look forward to being a client for many years to come.
Congratulations on 10 years.

My wife and I, and Tucker, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Crate Escape! Thank you so much for taking great care of him while we are at work. He gets so excited to come to daycare!


Am sending you this email to let you know how much our family appreciated the great care you took of Sampson recently during his recent stay. Renee and all personnel were very patient and professional in dealing with our older diabetic dog who had never been boarded before. Everyone kept us updated on how our guy was doing and didn't mind that we called numerous times to check on him.
We could surely tell that Sampson was treated as if he were one of your own!
Thank you again!

Connie G.




Everyone at the Crate Escape, Plainfield

We can't thank you enough for giving our Remy such awesome care over this long Spring Break. The only reason we could really relax is because we knew you all would look after him like he was your own furry child.
I'm sure this week (12 days!) was a challenge at times but I can see Remy had a blast with you. Enjoy some treats from the Hawaiian Islands - - MAHALO!! Thank you so very much for everything.
The S. Family


Hi Renee,
I have to tell you how ecstatic I am with Cam's play time yesterday! He had absolutely no issues yesterday and he seems great today. Your staff obviously knows what they're doing as far as monitoring over-exertion and administering rest time. Usually, when he plays too hard at the dog park, he's stiff and whiny, but hasn't displayed any of that. In fact, he seemed pretty invigorated yesterday- go figure- and a bit thinner!
Great! I'm glad the schedule works for you. I'm kind of an organization junkie, so I'm happy you appreciate it. :)
Thanks again and we'll see you Monday!

Hi Renee,
I've been meaning to email you all week but time has just flown by! I wanted to thank you and your staff for taking great care of Elliott during his stay last week, especially with handling the medications for his hot spot. He came home his usual happy, well adjusted self so I know he had a good time while he was there! Today we had a recheck visit at the vet and the hot spot is healing up nicely. I am really hoping that this is the last time we experience that sort of thing but I really appreciate that you are able to manage these situations allowing us to keep our travel plans in tact.
We will see you when we drop Elliott off again on the 20th!

... I love that you all have an understanding! He does that at home too so I guess all that crate training has helped him to deal with stressful situations successfully (who knew?!). But most important is that all of you take the time to deal with his quirks as I'm sure you do the same for all of your dogs there, and that is the real gem of your service. See you later!


Hi Renee,
Lori asked that I send an update on Abe after the move, so here it is! , , ,
Thank you again for everything you all did for Abe. I give you guys the credit for him accepting the move to Illinois. You helped put my mind at ease and gave him lots of love that did not go unnoticed!

We will definitely be bringing him there for any boarding we may have to do in the future.
Thank you!
Kathleen, Kerry & Abe

Hi Renee, . . . I am so pleased with Crate Escape and I think you run the business really well. We are lucky to have you!
Thanks for all you do,
Laura C.


08/27/2012 (Sent to The Crate Escape II)
What an amazing place!! my newly rescued pup Libby is having a great time and comes home content and exhausted!! It feels good to know that such wonderful people are giving my puppy such blissful days! Glad we found you!!
Sandy & Libby

08/07/2012 (Sent to The Crate Escape II)
Scott & Renee....
Remy once again had the best play-day! He obviously loved the new Plainfield facility because he's been asleep since we got home. A very satisfied pooch! We'll be back next week for more fun. Thank you for taking such good care of our pup!
Gail S.

(Sent to The Crate Escape II)
I am so happy to discover The Crate Escape II. We were personally welcomed by Scott and Renee. The facility is clean and very spacious. The staff was friendly and attentive to Bogart. Bogart had a blast with his day at camp. He was so tired when I picked him up. I am happy to see his picture on your website. I am so glad I took Bogart to be part of the opening day.
Bogart's Mom

Renee, it was so wonderful to see you and Scott today. After we left, we had to drop something off at my daughter's and there was no jumping at is always the case...she was so laid back as though there was no greeting involved at all. Nice to be tired. :)
It got me thinking that maybe I should try bringing her to you again tomorrow if I could. She has her CGC test tomorrow night which I was really not anticipating her being 100% ready for because of her exuberance in the "meet and greet" and handling sections of the test BUT if she is tired, it might help her to be more relaxed for those. ??? Worth a try.
Could Grace come again tomorrow 9-12?
It's such a great feeling to have you and Scott back in our lives.
Sarah G.

After a not-so-pleasant experience at a daycare in the city, we were anxious about the quality of care elsewhere, so a lot of research went into our choice to bring our Lab here. We've had consistently positive experiences at the Crate Escape, and I always feel comfortable and relaxed knowing my dog is in good hands.
The customer service and attention that goes into caring for the dogs is truly unparalleled. Not only is there a thorough half-day temperament evaluation process, but more importantly, they have no reservations turning away dogs with behavioral issues, which helps avoid the 'we'll take any dog' policy that far too many daycares seem to resort to.
The owner, Renee, is very involved in the business, which I find incredibly comforting, and the other staff members I've been in contact with are friendly, informed and knowledgeable.
I also loved the fact that they quickly discovered our dog's love for playing fetch - we hadn't told them of this previously, so it was reassuring to know they spend individualized time interacting with the dogs to learn their special quirks and favorite activities. Our dog is out cold the entire ride home, which confirms she's had a fun-filled day each time she comes to play.
We're new regulars at The Crate Escape and will certainly be using them for boarding in the future, which also comes highly recommended. So impressed!
Ryan B.



Hi Crate Escape Family!
I just wanted to thank you for wearing Honey out, and putting a smile on her face, even when she's sleeping! I had to send this picture to you all because I'm sure you can't believe she ever takes time to rest:) With the exception of eating and bathroom breaks, this was how she came home and stayed for the rest of the evening, so thank you again!
Amy and Jake


Hi Renee,
We had a great trip home. She's so good in the car. I'm sure that Maxine is missing you and Jenkins also . . .  thank you again for taking such good care of my girl . . . I know she's in the best hands being taken care of and receiving lots of love when she's with you! Will keep in touch!!
Brenda & Maxie


Hello! I just wanted to say thank you for taking such good care of Luke today! He was totally exhausted when he got home! He ate and took a big nap;) He loved his day there! It's great to know there's a place he can go that appreciates an energetic, loving dog!
Thank you!
Erin M.
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Thank you so much for the excellent care that you and your staff have given to Rufus this past week.
It makes me so happy to know that he is in such good hands. I really don't know what I would do without you.
Thank you so much and I will see you tomorrow.
Nicole S.
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12/24/2011 by email
Renee, Laurie, Denise, Scott and the rest of the staff-
Merry Christmas!
You have made our lives so much better in the two weeks that Adin has been going to The Crate Escape.
He's getting all the puppy play he needs and as they say a tired puppy is a happy puppy :))).
I knew this would be the case because Jake loved going everyday to The Crate Escape until he was 2 years and this was evident when he saw each and everyone of you for the first time in 2 years. He literally was talking and crying from joy and ran right to the door he entered every day - that is a better advertisement than any words I can say or write.
On Friday, it took less activity to keep him happy. He went to Downtown Naperville for the first time. took a walk on the River Walk and visited Eddie Bauer, Naperville Running and My Left Foot. Needless to say he charmed many people.
See you on Tuesday.


Dear Renee and Crate Escape Family,
My husband and I would just like to thank you so very very much for taking such good care of our Honey. She absolutely loves coming there, and we love knowing she's happy and well-cared for with you guys. We love the pictures you post as well. It is so great to see her in action! We are so thrilled that you are willing to take all dogs based on their personalities and not their breeds because she loves playing with all dogs and is always so happy to go play with you all. Thank you for the peace of mind and the great work!
Amy and Jake


[Your message is] such a relief and I am definitely so proud of him!!! Yes, please feel free to text pics... would love to see how he's doing : )
You are very wonderful to be so upbeat, positive and caring... it makes a world of difference.

Hi Renee,
The pics are so precious---we love them!!! Barkley looks like he had a blast.
Thanks again for taking great care of him; we'll definitely come back as I'm sure Barkley would love to see his friends again.
Chat soon....Mel and Greg

Hi Renee,
Thanks for the meal information - very helpful! I can't tell you how relieved I am to have found a place that feels more like a second home for Elliott when we travel. We really think this is the best thing for him and believe that he will grow to love your facility. He must have worked hard today observing and learning the ropes because he was asleep before we even left the parking lot : ) I have him crated now for an afternoon nap to recover.
I have visited 5 other boarding facilities and spoken by phone to at least 4 additional places and I can tell you that no other facility made me feel as comfortable as you. Perhaps when you don't have kids your dog gets a bit more spoiled but this whole process of socializing, training and being able to board Elliott without fear has been rather important to me (can you tell I am a little OCD?). Anyway, thank you for a great daycare day today! We all appreciate it and look forward to our visit next week.

Talk about a home away from home!

What else can I say . . . you are just awesome! Thank you for loving Hunter.

Thanks Dear Renee,
I want to thank you so much for all the TLC and special attention given to Katie and her meds and eye drops when she was there last week. You don’t know what great peace of mind it gave me to know she was in your loving care. Thank you and all your staff so much!

To Everyone at The Crate Escape,
I just want to thank everyone who took care of and played with Ruby over the years. As a puppy she was shy and insecure but thanks to the people who spent time with her she became a confident girl who was able to enjoy the company of other dogs. I will be forever grateful.
Sue Busch
(See Ruby at Friends Who've Run Ahead)

May 10, 2011
The Crate Escape is amazing! Having recently moved to the suburbs, yet still working in the city, finding a quality establishment to watch and care for our puppy while we were gone (11+ hrs a day) was very important to my husband and I.
Ever since we started taking our puppy there, each morning we find our puppy waiting by the door, eager to be taken to the Crate Escape where she is greeted by friendly and caring staff in addition to her many dog friends that can't wait to play with. I don't have to be there all day to know how much fun our puppy is having...the staff are happy to tell you about her day, you can see pictures of the dogs playing on the website and best of all our puppy is exhausted at days end from all the activity!
As I think about the staff, there have been several instances where they have gone above and beyond to ensure the health and safety of our active puppy. They keep a watchful eye on all the dogs. In my case, they shared with me the puppy teeth that fell out, notified me when her stool is very loose (possibly indicating a sickness), and took our puppy to the vet on our behalf when we couldn't leave work and get back to the suburbs in time. Just today, I dropped our puppy off letting them know she has been scratching a lot the night before and they called me at work to let me know that she was having an allergic reaction to something (they observed swelling and redness on her belly) and that they were going to take her to the vet since they knew I had a busy work day and that my husband was out of town, therefore, unable to make the trip back to the suburbs in time to give our dog the medical treatment she required.
All of this, and much, much more makes me a happy and loyal customer. I couldn't ask for a better place to send my dog. Each day I know she is in good, loving hands. Thank you Crate Escape for all that you do!
Barb O. Naperville, IL (copied from Yelp review)

April 26, 2011
Hi Renee,
It was great to meet you today. Thanks for taking the time to talk to me without me having an appointment. I was impressed with what I saw of your facility and some of the things you said about getting my puppy started in daycare right away.
Looking forward to seeing you again with my little man,
Connie R.


April 19, 2011
I have been coming to Crate Escape since it was opened - over 5 years. The owners have been trained in emergency first-aid for dogs. They are great dog lovers. As operators their responsibility is to the safety of all dogs that come to the center. If they feel a dog is tired or becoming aggressive or overly excited and needs to be isolated from the population - they will put the dog in a separate pen - not a cage. This protects all dogs. If you are looking for a place that you know your dog will be well cared for and protected - I cannot recommend Crate Escape enough.
Elizabeth C. Aurora, IL (copied from Yelp review)

October, 2010 to April, 2011

To the Best of the Best, Thank you for making my days so FUN!
   -Eli, xoxoxo

Thanks for everything you do for us!
   -Tito, Cheryl and Rich

Thanks for everything you do for Wrigley. She loves it here!
   -Glenn, Kathy and Wrigley

To the Staff of The Crate Escape, thank you to all of you for the wonderful care you provide for the “kids.” To all my friends and play mates, I Wuf You!

Thanks for taking such good care of Airlie for us. It’s comforting to know he’s loved as much there as at home.
   -Christopher, Christine, Jacquelyn, Chloe, and Airlie too!

Thanks for taking such good care of my Blue when he’s with you guys!

Thanks for taking care of our little boy (and we really think he likes you better than us)!
   -Betsy and Pete

Thank you for making Reggie bright and gay week after week!
   -Sincerely, Reggie and Family

I just wanted to say thank you for taking such good care of me this year.
   -Love, Cubbie

September, 2010
I am so grateful that The Crate Escape takes such excellent care of Reggie. Not sure what we would do without you. Please extend to your wonderful staff our thanks.
   -Anne 9-16-2010


January, 2010
Before Joie was five-months old, I knew I would have to find something for him to do during the winter months. This time the internet facilitated the biggest and best rescue operation of all, when I found Blessed with three "rescues" and now, with three Schnoodles, I think it was part of a plan. My pups have the best care available anywhere. They truly are lucky pups, and I am a most fortunate and grateful dog owner.
Thank you for maintaining such high standards of care for all of the dogs you serve. I can go to work and never have to worry about their wellbeing. Our home life has a healthy balance because they have The Crate Escape, with its many opportunities for healthy play and socialization.
Bev, Joie, Jamie, and Grace


December 2009
Thank you for all your hard work this year and for always having an open spot for me!
Love, Pearl (and Janet and Vijay)

Thank you so much for taking Reggie in at the last minute last week. I know he thinks it is an adventure, but I’m just glad he is safe, warm and in good hands. You are his second family!
Sincerely, Anne

Thanks for having such a wonderful place to bring Jake.
Love, Candus, Nick, Sam and Jake

Thanks for caring for me when my mom and dad need you.
Love, Atticus

Thank you for taking such great care of Eli. You guys are the Best!
Sincerely, Terri and Ralph

Thank you for your wonderful care! We really appreciate everything you have done for us!
Love, Kallie, Zoe, Debbie and Doug

Trek wants to say thanks for the cute female dogs (he doesn’t like to use the “B” word.)
Pete and Betsy

Greetings! I hope this letter finds you well. Honey had surgery in July and is doing well…I thank you for bringing up Honey so well. She is so sweet and misses her daycare friends!

Just to say we thank you all for your TLC and all the fun times this past year. You’re all the greatest!!!
Margaret, Walter, Katie and Yvette!

Thanks for being such special people in Payton’s life!
Love, Jim, Jan, Payton and Family

Thank you so much for taking such good care of Owen, especially during my move-out. Although I have taken him to other places since we left the area, none have come close to matching the loving care you gave Owen and the rest of the dogs there. We really miss you!


May, 2009

Dear Renee and Leigh:

Just wanted to send you both a note and a big THANK YOU for taking Buddy last week on short notice (basically no notice).  I appreciate you taking care of Buddy even though you didn’t know how long you would be doing it. The fact that I didn’t have to worry about Buddy and who would feed him, play with him and take care of him was one less stress I had to endure.  Buddy is very lucky to have such great people like you two and the staff at The Crate Escape to take care of him. Buddy isn’t the only one who has made friends at The Crate Escape. Thank you again for everything.
Connie (and Buddy)


November, 2008
Dear Renee, Leigh, and all our Friends at The Crate Escape,
We are so blessed and thankful to have you in our lives! Thank you so much for your referrals and your faithfulness, loyalty and support of our little business! Wishing you all a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving,
Carolyn and Happy Paws

November 17, 2008
Renee, Leigh,
First of all HAPPY 5TH ANNIVERSARY. I also wanted to email you the letter I left with Jake's gift this morning thanking you and your staff for a wonderful 1st year at the Crate Escape. This way it can be shared with a larger audience:)).

November, 2008

Congratulations to you as you celebrate the fifth anniversary of The (Great) Crate Escape!  We are so fortunate to have you in the community as providers of a healthy, playful environment for our canine family members.  Thank you for the fine care and attention you give to my puppies.  They certainly love to go to “school” with you.
Bev, Joie, and Jamieson

September, 2008
I can't believe I've been going to the Crate Escape for a year. They say time flies when you're having fun and I'm sure having loads of fun here playing every day of the week. I have made many friends and some of us even take agility lessons on weekends.
And I'm not just a playboy (ha, ha). I became AKC CGC Certified 4 days after I turned 1 year old in July, 2008 and I'm working with my personal trainer to get my mom prepared to get our TDI (Therapy Dog International) Certification sometime this winter.
A special anniversary deserves a special gift so I am presenting you with my very first painting that I have titled - "Love at the Crate Escape". Enjoy.

July 8, 2008
Today I am 1 year old and I want to thank you for helping me become the person, uhm, Golden I am.  Both of you (and Scott) and your staff have provided me with love and nurturing beyond compare. Where else could I have learned to play so well and be so socially correct.  Everywhere I go (including downtown Naperville stores) people are impressed with my skills and calmness - heck they compare me to their Goldens (and other breeds) who are much older.
While watching CNN one day I realized that Trouble (Leona Helmsley's dog) would give up some of her millions of dollars (I'm not sure what that is but it is a lot of something) just to be here with all of us every day. I know I would give up some of my millions of something if I had it.
Thank you for making the Crate Escape my home away from home.
Jake (as told to Mommy Rhonda)
PS For my birthday I have asked my Mommy to buy everyone breakfast and lunch.  

Christmas 2007
Thank you for taking such good care of Libby for the past year. We feel so fortunate to have found The Crate Escape. Libby loves it here and so do we! We don't worry about her when she is here, whether it is for the day or the week, because we know that The Crate Escape is a safe, loving environment.
We consider the two of you to be the real blessing. Your smiles brighten our day and your genuine love of dogs warms our hearts. Your staff is wonderful, too! Libby is always greeted with enthusiasm and treated with respect. It's good to know that our "baby" is being taken care of by such an amazing group of people.
The Crate Escape is your business, but it is clear that dogs are your passion. Thank you for sharing that passion with us. We look forward to many more years of doggie fun at The Crate Escape.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Debbie B. & Joe P.

October 16, 2007
We cannot tell you how much we love you and the staff at The Crate Escape. Your love of dogs, and animals, is amazing and we absolutely trust you without hesitation with the care of our two most cherished possessions. Leigh and Renee, you are two of the most generous, kindhearted and caring people we know.
We could not have made it through last year without your kindness and good wishes. Igloo and Tundra absolutely love going to doggie daycare and know when it's Wednesday. They are up at the crack of dawn, waking us up and standing by the door to the garage ready to go. By the time I pick them up they are exhausted from their day of play.
I tell everyone I know about your facility and can't recommend you enough. We can't tell you enough how much we appreciate everything you do and thank you for having the premier dog care facility in the western suburbs.
No one comes close to your commitment to your clients and their pets, your absolute professionalism, sense of humor, and love of what you do. Thank you!!!
Alice and Marc

Reviews from Angie's List

Denise G.

Member Comments: 
I have used the Crate Escape for daycare for my golden retriever since she was 6 months old.  She is now three years old and goes once or twice a week.  My dog absolutely adores the owner, Renee, and all her other caretakers.  She can't wait to get inside the Crate Escape and start her day of play.   I trust them completely to keep her safe.  What I really like about the Crate Escape versus other daycares is that they get to know your dog and they segregate the dogs based on their personalities, so my submissive dog isn't dominated all day by dogs who like to play a bit rougher than she likes.  It is funny to see pictures of my 68 pound dog surrounded by dogs less than half her size but I know she prefers their kind of play.

Kathryn W.

Description Of Work: 
I take my dog here one day a week so she can have fun and socialize.
Member Comments: 
We adopted a dog from a rescue organization last April and one of her issues was separation anxiety.  I decided to look into taking her to a "doggie day care" type of place so I could have at least one day a week when I could do errands, etc. without her having to be in her crate or me arriving and leaving several times.  Renee, the owner, is so nice, and took it nice and slow introducing Mallory into the group.  The first few times she went she was in a small area with smaller dogs.  After that went well, she was able to join the "general population" in the bigger area.  We started out with one half day a week, but now she goes the whole day.  She has a great time and plays with the other dogs.  We also used them to board her when we went on a short vacation and that went great too.  Everyone here is friendly and nice and seems to love dogs.  It has turned out to be a great decision to bring my dog here, and her separation anxiety has improved a lot since we've gotten her as well.

Betsy W.

Description Of Work: 
I have used The Crate Escape since the end of 2005 as my doggy day care facility.  My dog is there Monday through Friday from 7am to 6pm.  They have different payment plans but since I go there every day during the week I take the cheapest one which is $480 for 20 days.  He has also stayed overnight there for a week at a time when we have gone on vacation.  The facility is incredibly convenient for me since I take the train into Chicago from the Route 59 train station each week day.  The Crate Escape is right across the street from the train station.  When the train is late on the way back home, I call them to let them know and they have been very accommodating.
Member Comments: 
We started bringing our dog to The Crate Escape right after we brought him home -- at 4 months old.  His first visit was a trial run to see if he would fit in.  They won't accept dogs that cause fights, etc.  He passed the "test" and he has been going there ever since (about 5 years so far).  They put each dog in with a group of dogs that is appropriate for the dog's personality.  Of course this could change over time.  When our dog was a puppy he was with certain groups and as he grew up he was able to get onto the "main" floor and hang out with other groups of dogs.  This was certainly the best thing we could have done to socialize our puppy.  I believe it has made a huge difference in his disposition. The dogs play with each other all day.  They can play inside and when it is nice out they can play in a fenced outside area (I think the fence is over 6 feet tall).  In the summer they put some kiddie pools out there and our dog loves that.  There are lots of very sturdy toys, tugs, chews, etc for the dogs to play with.  The dogs are always supervised by the staff.  If a dog "pees or poos" it is immediately cleaned up.  I feel the facility is very clean. Overall the staff is amazing!  They really look after the dogs.  Sometimes they might notice something about your dog and let you know about it.  For instance, I had a foster dog going there for a while and one day he was limping a little bit.  I thought he could still go to daycare and they let him in when I brought him in the morning.  However, later it seemed like he was limping more.  They called me to ask permission to take him to the vet.  I said yes and they handled all of the logistics.  After treatment at the vet, he was much better. If you have any special instructions for how they should take care of your dog, I think they will gladly do it.  When our dog was a puppy, he was a poop eater.  I wanted to make sure he did not eat poop.  I told them to really watch him for that and I think it worked.  After a while he lost interest in poop and now he doesn't eat it any more.  Also, when he was a puppy, I was concerned that he would tire himself out too much.  I had them make sure that he was able to go to a quieter place during the day, for a while, so he could take a nap. Our dog has stayed in the Overnight Cabin several times -- for a week each time.  During peak times like Spring Break you need to get your reservation in early, but other times it is easy to get in.  It is good to have it available because if you have an emergency and can't pick up your dog from daycare, you can arrange for him to spend the night.

Stephanie K.

Description Of Work: 
I take my dog twice a week for doggie day care at The Crate Escape. They also offer overnight/vacation boarding.
Member Comments: 
My dog cannot wait to get out of the car and into the play area on the days when we go to The Crate Escape. It is her favorite place in the world besides her own backyard. She loves all of the people that work here and all of the other doggie friends that she plays with all day. Because of The Crate Escape my dog is well socialized with other dogs, and gets a lot of exercise on days when I cannot be home with her.


This review has been a long time coming. My Great Pyrenees, Henry, moved with us to California last November. Before then, he spent many enjoyable days and nights at the Crate Escape. Now, 10 months old, Henry is the best behaved Pyr I know because of his early developmental socializing with his doggie pals at the crate escape.
Thank you for all of your flexibility and kindheartedness to me and my baby!

I just want to start off by saying- I will miss you guys so much as I am moving away from Naperville! My dog, Wally- well he's just going to be scarred for life for not being able to come to The Crate Escape anymore!
I really can't say enough good things about this place, all the staff members and Renee. True professionals and more importantly, dog lovers. My dog Wally, who we lovingly call our special needs child is demanding, overtly affectionate and suffered from intense separation anxiety. We tried everything to make him feel at ease in our home, but he just had way too much energy and frustration when left alone. The Crate Escape was our and his saving grace. The staff was so understanding and affectionate towards him, even when we had some ahem "starting troubles" as Wally didn't like being handled by strangers. They were patient with him, gave him space, time and let him get used to the environment at his own pace. Now Wally jumps with joy when I say "Day Care" and goes at least 2-3 times a week. He is so much more well behaved and his separation anxiety is under control. We boarded Wally here numerous times too, and had nothing but the best experience.
Logistically, this was very convenient as my husband and I both commuted on the Metra and we could drop him/pick him up easily. Renee was very understanding and let us come in a tad bit late on some days when the Metra had ridiculous delays!
Also, thank you for not having breed restrictions (or "dog racists" as I like to call it). Don't even think twice about using The Crate Escape :)

Love The Crate Escape! I took my 60-pound mix, Stanley, here for two years for weekly daycare and the occasional boarding before we moved out of Chicago--I'll be measuring any other dog daycares I go to against this one.
My dog has a lot of anxiety around new people, but he LOVES everyone that works at the Crate Escape. Stan was always so happy to go to daycare here, he'd practically pull me inside every morning--it lifted a weight off my shoulders to see him so obviously at home here.
The staff treat him like one of their own and are really good about working around his behavioral quirks to minimize stress for both him and myself. If there were ever any issues (throwing up, his behavior was a little off that day, etc.) the staff would tell me about their concerns in detail, and in general they were very thorough and knowledgeable. They were also very responsive to email and phone messages and flexible with scheduling.
Don't hesitate to take your dog to the Crate Escape-my dog came back socialized, tired, and HAPPY after each day of daycare or boarding. I 100% trust them to take good care of my dog.
A plus: there are no breed restrictions and Crate Escape frequently works with the no-kill shelter down the street, A.D.O.P.T.!

Again with the "giving this place six stars if I could"!!
We've had our dog coming to day care 3 days a week now for almost a year. The staff here are just phenomenal! Everyone is so friendly and I enjoy hearing about what my dog did that particular day. They will always take a few minutes to chat with you when picking up your dog (which I appreciate). Our dog is happy to jump in the car and head to day care and is tired, but happy when we pick her up in the evening. It is definitely worth the money =)

Our Penny Labrador Puppy has been attending 3 times a week and she never wants to go home! She is super excited when we pull up to drop her off. As a pet owner it is the best feeling knowing your dog is receiving the best! Boy does she sleep well when she comes home.
Renee and her staff are the best. Right now with the Influenza scare, they have taken very responsible actions to ensure the health of our fur babies. This may be a business but you would think its all family when you walk in the door. Thank you Crate escape and Penny can't wait to return. (Neither can her owners)
Cathy T.

We love the Crate Escape! We initially found them because we were looking for an overnight kennel, but have since used the daycare service occasionally, too. I was very nervous to leave our dog Rocket when we went on our first vacation - she was a rescue, and has some separation anxiety issues. Renee was great about everything, texting me pictures of Rocket playing with other dogs, and she even called me to let me know that Rocket did have some anxiety issues, but not to worry - she had chewed on her bed one of the nights, but the following night they gave her a special bedtime treat (PB filled Kong) to help calm her down which I thought was so nice. I love how every time I come to pick Rocket up, I get a little report on how she did and who she played with. I am happy that she is getting socialized with the other dogs, and I also love that she is tuckered out after every visit! Renee and her staff are so friendly and very good with the pups. They've also been accommodating with me when I've needed some different pickup times on Sundays, etc. Great place and I would definitely recommend it if you need care for your dog while you are away.
Julia W.

Again with the "giving this place six stars if I could"!!

We've had our dog coming to day care 3 days a week now for almost a year. The staff here are just phenomenal! Everyone is so friendly and I enjoy hearing about what my dog did that particular day. They will always take a few minutes to chat with you when picking up your dog (which I appreciate). Our dog is happy to jump in the car and head to day care and is tired, but happy when we pick her up in the evening. It is definitely worth the money =)
Katie T.

5.0 star rating
I had to leave my little baby girl for a week at The Crate Escape whilst I made a trip back to Singapore to get some paperwork sorted at very short notice.
Though she had no experience with day care facilities, she was able to adapt easily to the environment and the people there are nothing less than stellar.
I could rest easy knowing that she was in safe hands and well taken care off, and it allowed me the peace of mind to focus on the elements that I needed to get done.
I would highly recommend The Crate Escape to those looking for a place to house their loved ones, and to rest assured that the team there are going to provide the best possible environment for your loved ones.
I wouldn't hesitate to make use off their services, and a special shout out to Renee (the owner) who provided me with updates on how my little girl was doing, and also assisting me in making arrangements for me to drop her off and pick her up again.
Jegadisan S.
Naperville, IL

Renee and her skilled team are TERRIFIC!!!!!!!!!!

The location in Naperville is almost as fantastic as their services and expertise.

I have a barking/jumpy teenager rescue dog, who needs a little extra attention. They lovingly work with her and tell me any news or progress with our Summer.

The positive experiences are huge:

- tons of off-leash socialization
- Summer gets to learn from OTHER DOGS (very important)
- the skills and deep background of the team help me learn more about our dog and how well she is doing

FORGET about these silly negative comments.
- ALL day care facilities have crates that dogs use in addition to the open play space
- ALL facilities raise their voice on occasion to get the attention of the dogs
- I appreciate Renee's upbeat energy and straight forward approach and she has never, ever been rude (or even something close) to me

THANK YOU CRATE ESCAPE for all you do for our Summer!
Laurie G.

I have been bringing my (absolutely cherished) dog, Rufus, here for boarding 2x a year for over four years. The owner, Renee, is very dedicated to the well being of every dog entrusted in her care. Rufus is always worried and can be shy and scared at times. He always thrives at Crate Escape because Renee and her staff make sure that he feels safe and loved. This was most evident during his last stay. A few days in, he developed a medical problem, and after keeping a close eye on him, Renee determined that he should see a vet. This was all very upsetting and stressful for me to be so far away when my dog needed care. Through it all, Renee was in constant communication with me and I knew without a doubt that I could trust her to do what was best for Rufus. Renee made an appointment with my own vet then loaded all 90 lbs of him in her own car and took him to the appointment. She even sent me pictures of him to make me feel better. This was all during a very busy time at Crate Escape but, despite this, Renee took the time to care for Rufus personally. Thankfully, it all turned out to be neither serious nor contagious. I was, and will always be, grateful of the dedication and truly exceptional care that Renee and her staff have given Rufus over these years. Do not hesitate to send your dog there. I can't imagine a better environment.

Nicole S. Naperville (FROM YELP)

I have used The Crate Escape over the past two years and have always had an excellent experience. My dog comes home from "daycare" happy and tired. The staff is attentive and caring. The owner, Renee, does an excellent job at personality testing the dogs to make sure that the dogs are compatible in a group setting. I highly recommend The Crate Escape and will continue to use them in the future.
Wendy P. Naperville

9/8/2011 Copied from Yelp
We have two dogs that go here every day Monday through Friday during the day and they (the dogs) absolutely LOVE IT (I'm sure the staff do too). The dogs are DRAGGING me to the door every time we go. And each time Renee comes to the lobby, the dogs get so excited and they are jumping all over her and trying to lick her face! It warms my heart to know that there is someone they love as much as me who is there for them when I can't be. When we get up in the morning, I always talk to my dogs (totally normal) and I always ask, "Are you ready to go to doggy daycare??" And they know exactly what this means. They usually get all worked up, start running around in circles and take off running to the car. :o)

Recently, we made last minute plans to go out of town on a holiday weekend. I called Crate Escape to ask if there were any openings for boarding overnight the same night and, sadly, there were none (I figured as much!). I knew Renee was so sad to tell us the bad news. We really really wanted to travel, though, so I chanced it and called a few other dog kennels (all based on Yelp reviews/word of mouth). When I inquired as to how long the dogs got to play each day at other boarding facilities, I was SHOCKED to learn that typical playtime is 2 hours a day!!! So out of 24 hours in a day, the dogs got to run for less than 10% of the day. Oh, but several of the kennels said they offered 45 minutes of additional play time if I would PAY MORE ($15). And they also offered grooming services and training if I wanted to pay for that as well (the dog would be groomed when I picked them up). I don't know about anyone else, but it felt more like a car wash than a kennel. And I don't even pay a babysitter that much - $15 for 45 minutes?? No thanks!

The next day (Saturday) an opening did come up at Crate Escape and Renee was so kind to call me (on her day off!). The first thing I asked was "how long will they get to play each day?" thinking maybe I misunderstood what boarding was like at Crate Escape and Renee's answer was a MINIMUM of 6 hours! AND IT'S PRACTICALLY THE SAME PRICE, PEOPLE!

Crate Escape is the BEST KEPT SECRET IN NAPERVILLE! If you love your dog and you want the best for them, do yourself a favor and take them to Crate Escape. You (and your dog) will be so glad you did!

Also, just wanted to comment about the other reviewer seeing her dog caged. . .this has NEVER happened to me in the 3+ years we have been going. I have seen a dog caged maybe once or twice in all the years I've gone. One time I did inquire as to why a dog was caged (the cage is right near the door where the staff bring animals out) and the staff member said they typically cage a dog for a few minutes at the end of the night if they have to clean up a mess or if they have multiple dogs they are trying to checkout all at the same time. I personally don't like crates and my dogs are rarely confined to small spaces (car/cage/crate/bathroom) so this is a big deal to me. I want my dogs to run free at all times and I know this happens 99.9% of the time at Crate Escape. And I completely disagree with the "no active dogs" comment. It's ridiculous. I have two dogs that are EXTREMELY active. That's the reason they go everyday. If they laid around, I would leave them at home. Do the dogs lay around at daycare? Of course! Have you ever seen a dog play?? They play actively for 30-45 minutes and then they have to rest. They are pooped. And then they do it all over again! Unfortunately, I know Crate Escape does have to sometimes turn dogs away and, yes, I have met an owner who this happened to. That's got to be hard for any dog owner to hear. But, I also know that I have NO IDEA how our dogs act around other dogs - only around my family. I'm thankful the Crate Escape does turn dogs away no matter how hard it is. I know Renee has my dogs' best interests at heart.
Dan A. (from Yelp)

This place is amazing. They will never forgot your name (or your dog's), and your dog will have a BLAST. Our dog whines every time we pull into the parking lot and when one of the employees come to take him back to play, our dog is so excited to see the staff.
Dani J. (from Yelp)

My lab has been going there since 6 weeks old and now is 6 years. She goes 4-5 days a week. Renee and is my dog's "other" mom. The staff are great (I think of them as an extended family).
I board my lab when I am out of town, it's clean, safe and I don't have to worry about my best friend while I am gone. I can go and have no worries.
I know my dog is in a dog run at the end of the day as dogs are coming and going. Otherwise she gets in a frenzy. But at the end of the day she is exhausted from playing all day. I think it's a good thing. It's NOT all day.
Check out the website.. Pools, toys etc.
The best thing is that it is clean, she has never picked up any disease from other dogs. I would worry about that if it was an inside outside day care center. Would be hard to keep all of those nasty bugs that are in the dirt from passing from one dog to another with so much traffic.
I would highly recommend the Crate Escape.
Mary P. Naperville (from Yelp)

07/04/2009 (Copied from filtered review at Yelp)
This place is amazing. They will never forgot your name (or your dog's), and your dog will have a BLAST. Our dog whines every time we pull into the parking lot and when one of the employees come to take him back to play, our dog is so excited to see the staff.
Talk about a home away from home!
Dani J. Naperville, IL


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